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After some time in the network, and next to its first birthday... the MundoToon has changed of appearance. With object to make his new face faster and dynamic it has let have a menu and a beginning with so many imagenes, all this so that you do not become bored and see in his totality the pages that we offer to you.
By the same, we have innovated in general the style and have changed the guestbook...(ve the new one and leaves your message, is worth the trouble), asi as also we are competing with other Webs Chilean in en AgendaChile, a new and fast finder of pages , , if you like this one site... votes by him.

It is moment which you happen to know the renewed MundoToon!!!!!!!

MundoToon in Spanish!!!!

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It completes Update: 29 September... New MundoToon.
20 September 1999... Votes in AgendaChile by the MundoToon.
21 June... Page of Drawings of the ' 80..
16 June 1999... Page of Jet Mars.

It enters the ring

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